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The absolute joy in appreciating the works of Thomas Cole is that so many of the places he painted in and around the northeast United States, are intact and more often than not still bear an astonishing resemblance to how they looked when Cole painted them all those years ago.

The forthcoming Metropolitan Museum of Art Thomas Cole ehibition titled Thomas Cole's Journey: Atlantic Crossings shall surely amaze, an exhibition which even puts him in such proper contemporary influences such as Joseph Turner and John Constable. As these images show, forget not the American landscape as well.

Some of the author's images mention "Rayburn" a 2013 Sam Rayburn Gallery exhibition that was held in the Congressional Building of the same name at the United States Capitol Building. That brochure may be seen here.

01Cole1837MMAThomas Cole (1801-1848), View from Mount Holyoke, The Ox-Bow, 1836, Metropolitan Museum of Art

02DSC 1001RAB, View from Mount Holyoke, 2010, (Rayburn Exhibition, Washington, DC 2013)

03COLE StormKing 1825Thomas Cole (1801-1848), Storm King, 1825, Ball State Art Museum, Muncie, Indiana

04DSC 0800boscobelRAB, Storm King 2012, (Rayburn Exhibition, Washington, DC 2013)

05west39.568.24 D1 HighlandsboyleThomas Cole (1801-1848), Highlands from Mortons, Detroit Institute of the Arts, MIchigan, 39.568.24

06West gap2002RAB, Highlands from Boyles, 2002

07ColeT RofFP 1825Thomas Cole (1801-1848), Ruins of Fort Putnam, 1825, Promised gift to the Philadelphia Museum, Pennsylvania

08FortPutnam2012RAB, Fort Putnam, West Point, 2012, (Rayburn Exhibition, Washington, DC 2013)

09catskillcole1836Thomas Cole (1801-1848), View on the Catskill Creek, 1836, Metropolitan Museum of Art

10catskRABDSC 0869RAB, Summitt Avenue view of Catskill Creek, 2015

11coleearlymorningfawnsleapThomas Cole (1801-1848), Early Morning, 1826, Alexander Gallery, NY, NY

12DSC 0795RAB, Fawns Leap in Kaaterskill Clove, 2016

13 COLE T FlsofKThomas Cole (1801-1848), Falls of the Kaaterskill, 1826, Warner Collection, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

14dautumn07DSC 0401RAB, Kaaterskill Falls, 2016 

15coleDSC 0531Thomas Cole (1801-1848), Kaaterskill, 1826, Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, CT

16 xautumn08DSC 0403RAB, Kaaterskill, 2014

17cole top of falls31x41 46.134Thomas Cole (1801-1848), Top of Kaaterskill Falls, 1826, Detroit Institute of the Arts, Michigan

18cole txDSC 0597kfRAB, Top of Kaaterskill looking at Hunter Mountain, 2012 (Rayburn Exhibition, Washington, DC 2013)

19Cole 26Thomas Cole (1801-1848), Kaaterskill Clove, 1827, New Britain Museum of American Art, Connecticut

20DSC 1124RAB, Haines Falls in Kaaterskill Clove, 2012 (Rayburn Exhibition, Washington, DC 2013)

21Cole 1825LakewithdeadtreesThomas Cole (1801-1848), Lake with Dead Trees, Oberlin College Art Museum, Ohio

22 RAB 1618RAB, North Lake, 2010 (Rayburn Exhibition, Washington, DC 2013)

23coleThomas Cole (1801-1848), Catskill Mountain House, Questroyal Fine Art, NY

24cole mthouseDSC 1592RAB, Pine Orchards, 2010, (Rayburn Exhibition, Washington, DC 2013)

25cole35x53Thomas Cole (1801-1848), A View of the Two Lakes and Mountain House, Catskill Mountains, 1844, Brooklyn Museum

26autumn10DSC 0490RAB, Sunset Rock View of the Twin Lakes and Pine Orchards, 2014

27coleThomas Cole (1801-1848), A View of Boston, circa 1841, loaned to the White House, Washington, DC

28boston 2009RAB, Chickatawbut Observation Tower, Blue Hill, MA 2009

29 CrawfordNotch ColeThomas Cole (1801-1848), A View of the Mountain Pass Called the Notch of the White Mountains (Crawford Notch), 1839, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC Cole

30 GE tktktktkCrNotchCrawford Notch Train Station, NH

 A follower of Thomas Cole was Frederic Church and the latter work is in the Met exhibition:

87churchFrederic Edwin Church (1826-1900), Clouds over Olana, 1870, Olana State Historic Site, Hudson, NY

87DSC 0799RAB, Clouds over Olana, 2013

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