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Long Island isn't just for goombahs and goumars any more.

Joey Buttafucco and Amy Fisher have been supplanted by a renewed appreciation of the colonial past.

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The length of Route 25A from Great Neck to Port Jefferson stretches along Long Island’s North Shore, winding through towns that George Washington explored during a 1790 carriage tour as the newly-elected president.  Honoring President George Washington’s journey along this very route, Route 25A from Great Neck to Port Jefferson is now known as the Long Island Heritage Trail and, as designated by New York State, the Washington Spy Trail.

Today, visitors can travel the same Presidential route on a journey that includes early 1900s Gold Coast mansions at the western end of the trail, and 17th Century farmhouses and Prohibition speakeasies in the east.  The North Shore Promotional Alliance provides a guide to visiting the major attractions and historical sites along the Long Island Heritage Trail, allowing locals and tourists alike to explore this incredible pathway through history.  In addition to sharing this pathway’s story with visitors, the North Shore Promotional Alliance’s mission is to promote the history, culture, and beauty of Long Island’s North Shore.

To learn more, visit The Washington Spy Trail:

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