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In this gigantic grey area, the 800 pound gorilla can make decrees, but how can they regulate what people say, do or wear on their own pages not paid for by Federal Government?

Certainly the hosting server has not raised any objection, and the whole thing seems vastly unenforceable. Even if legally correct, doesn’t full enforcement of it on Instagram feel like The Great Firewall of China?

Look at infomercials on tv, that’s allowed, but little guys get squeezed? This seems to be a bizarre and vast over reach by a power hungry central government.

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The Federal Trade Commission in September sent warning letters to 21 social-media influencers asking them to disclose any financial arrangements with brands mentioned in recent posts on Instagram.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell and “Pretty Little Liars” actresses Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale, as well as bloggers and reality-TV personalities, were among those contacted by the FTC.

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