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Perhaps a few weeks ago one would have thought something was odd when Sotheby's scheduled their American Paintings Sale a week ahead of time before their counterparts of Rockefeller Center. A court injunction against the Berkshire Museum from selling their Norman Rockwell paintings changed all of that, and now almost a week later, Christie's gets its chance to test the current market demand for that artist and the other American paintings as well. Even when they are scheduled late, Christie's luck continues to hold.

Results on Tuesday 21 Nov.

A011 000 thomas hart benton night firing of tobaccoLot 11. Thomas Hart Benton, Night Firing of Tobacco, Estimate $2-3 million

A012 000william aiken walker big b cotton plantationLot 12. William Aiken Walker, Big Cotton Plantation $150,000-$250,000

A015 000norman rockwell what makes it tickLot 15. Norman Rockwell, What makes it tick, $4-6 million

A021 000norman rockwell girl returning from campLot 21. Norman Rockwell, Girl Returning from Camp, $2-3 million

A022 000norman rockwell the christmas coachLot 22. Norman Rockwell, The Christmas Coach, $600,000-800,000 

A027 000thomas moran survey party in the valley of the yellowstoneLot 27. Thomas Moran, Survey Party in the Valley of the Yellowstone, 1873, $200,000-$300,000

A028 000thomas moran castle geyser yellowstoneLot 28. Thomas Moran, Castle Geyser, Yellowstone, $300,000-$500,000

A029 000thomas moran canyon of the virgin riverLot 29. Thomas Moran, Canyon of the Virgin River, 1909, $1,000,000 to $1,5000,000

A031 000thomas moran zion valley south utahLot 31. Thomas Moran, Zion Valley, South Utah, 1914, $2-3 million

Thirty years ago in the market Frederic Church was considered vastly more desirable than Thomas Moran. It is funny what a $17 million auction record for a Green River Scene did for Moran. The following example by Church seems to have a low estimate, Tuesday will tell.

Lot 44. Frederic Edwin Church, A New England Lake, $1.5 to $2.5 millionLot 44. Frederic Edwin Church, A New England Lake, $1.5 to $2.5 million

A045 000jasper francis cropsey torne mountain rockland county new yorkLot 45. Jasper Francis Cropsey, Torne Mountain, Rockland County, New York, 1850, $100,000-$150,000

A046 000albert bierstadt clear lake californiaLot 46. Albert Bierstadt, Clear Lake California, 1881, $500,000-$700,000

A054 000mary cassatt mother holding a nude baby playing with a toy duckLot 54. Mary Cassatt, Mother holding a Nude Baby playing with a Toy Duck, 1914, $1.5-$2.5 million


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