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Let’s face it, the Berkshire Museum is in a deep financial hole, which is growing annually. The neighbourhood - once prosperous - is now abandoned and the local audience for the museum is very limited indeed. I doubt very much if anyone from the hysterical hypo-llergic e-zine has ever even been to the museum, or taken the trouble to look into its background. The Crane family who founded the museum, and who owned the Zenias Crane paper manufacturers, used to print money for the United States Government, but that family is long gone along with funding. If the Museum don’t get to make a sale, you may as well write the whole museum off, and prepare for the ensuing problems that will follow. The proposed use of funds to develop interactive renovations would be a complete waste of time, and money. Quite frankly, they should be allowed to sell the Rockwells and the Calders, and conserve those funds, to be used wisely.

Hypollergic, however, should stick to subjects they know about; like cow boy outfits and tight leather studded underpants.


*  Hypo Homo: Berserk Battle Over the Berkshire Museum and Its Art Collectiont

* To the Editor of Hyperallergic

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