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Situated along the river in north Yonkers is the appropriately named Hudson River Museum. Easily overlooked by the colossus to the south, it is a charming place to visit, especially when the weather is nice, which would make it as these photos show, a must see in autumn.

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The facility has two major buildings for the public to peruse, one is the original Glenview Mansion, an ornate stone clad victorian structure built in 1876 by the Wall Street banker John Bond Trevor (1822-1890). The family retained ownership until his widow died in 1922 and they sold the family home to the city of Yonkers for the Yonkers Art Museum, soon to be renamed the Hudson River Museum.

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By the 1960s they added a brutalist style entrance wing with exhibition galleries and a planetarium, which kept bus loads of schools kids entertained over the last five decades.

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Obviously the collection is based on the Hudson River School, the scholars led by Laura Vookles, have staged numerous exhibitions over the years such as the one on American genre painting a niche of American art that received high marks from dealers, who that thought the Met was too snobby to hold a show and the New York Historical Society simply too dysfunctional. A more recent show that was extremely well put together was Wyeth Wonderland.

00 WMBrown DSC00828William Mason Brown (1828-1898), Avon, NJ, 1858

01 bard2017 bard DSC00875James Bard (1815-1897), Steamboat Francis Skiddy

02 Colman DSC 0374Samuel Colman (1832-1920), Hudson River from Irvington, 1867

 03 american DSC 0364Milo Dayton, Archdale, 1850

04 davidson DSC 0363Julian O. Davidson (1853-1894), Hudson River and the Palisades, 1878

07 bierstadtDSC 0368Albert Bierstadt (1832-1902), The Burning Ship

08 cropseyDSC00847Jasper Cropsey (1823-1900), Saw Mill River

09 cropsey DSC00856Jasper Cropsey (1823-1900), Hudson at Hastings

11 beal DSC 0379Gifford Beal (1879-1956), Autumn on the Hudson, 1940

12 Lever DSC 0383Hayley Lever (1875-1958), Train Station at Yonkers, (Putnam Line)

33brinleyDaniel Putnam Brinley (1879-1963), Sugar Factory at Yonkers

34quinlanWilliam Quinlan (1877-1963), Getty Square 1948


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