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03 2014 09 27 tantricTantric Tom Explored a Chinese Cave

It is a fact, the New York Post punches hard on scandelous topics. While the rest of the art world slowly digested the drip, drip drip of news that former Metropolitan Museum Director Tom Campbell was probably guilty of sexual harrassment (at the very least hostile work enviroment), all the while leading a staff of thousands of employees (75% of adminstration are women) most of the media went dark. The New York Times and Vanity Fair referred to an alleged nameless paramour, it was the Post who identified this mystery woman, and once that crack happened, a new look was taken at the disgraced directors Instagram page to further mine the images for a better understanding of what the heck he was thinking.

Vanity Fair referred to "Touchy Tom Campbell," well, they should have looked at his photos of his explorations of erotic art conveniently situated in the moisture of the Dunhuang Cave in China, thus "Tantric Tom Campbell."

A known art world writer confirmed to this writer and AAD, that Tom Campbell made a pass at her while she was interviewing for a job there several years ago. 

"He introduced himself that he always takes five minutes of his time to meet new people, then he asked, "What are you doing for dinner?"

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"I didn't invent these people"  - William Faulkner

In 2016, while the Met payroll was slashed as long term employees, including former Deputy Director Carrie Rebora Barratt taking payouts to leave, or else, Campbell had plans for a five star dining experience at the Met's new museum on 75th and Madison. Indeed, as he planned for a feast, longtime Met employees endured hardship.

It was a year of feast and famine at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As a $40 million deficit loomed and staff were being cut at its flagship Fifth Avenue headquarters, director Thomas Campbell’s plans for a five-star restaurant kitchen were surging ahead at the Met’s modernist Madison Avenue. 

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First published  9.4.2017

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