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TWO COTTAGES 1Original work by Gainsborough has a light Source from upper left ?That light on an angle shafts downward to endow the family group in the lower right with a Halo Effect

TWO COTTAGES 2Gainsborough Trees feel the Tug of Gravity, Individual leaves are Backlit Original Oil Painting shows signs of Age and Pigment Shrinkage in the Cracks here, Painting with Leaves & Age vs. Painting without leaves or age

TWO COTTAGES 3Gainsborough Original filled with Dissolved Light in the Atmosphere ?While the Water Shimmers and Leaps

TWO COTTAGES 4The Anatomy of the Figures in the Original reflect decades of Training All Cranial Structures have Skin layered atop Muscle over Bone. All eyes have eyelids, not so the copy

TWO COTTAGES 5Detail of a Gainsborough at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, "Cottage Children" Authentic works show age because they are 230 years old and Endured an equal number of winters replete with the stresses of Modern heating at the Driest time of Year

TWO COTTAGES 6Six Thousand Miles from London, the Huntington sets the standard for Gainsborough

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Robert Alexander Boyle

Robert Alexander Boyle

 Alexander Boyle is a graduate of Trinity College, Hartford, CT where he majored in History. Prior to graduation he co-authored the seminal book Acid Rain in 1983. Alex has worked for the Metropo...