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2013 Archive

According to the two Sunday Times reporters the chunk of wall with Banksys work on it measured 5ft by 4ft 6inches. It was 10 inches thick (standard two brick London wall) and it weighed 1.8 tons when removed. Two ‘Poundland’ workers first noticed men with angle grinders cutting away at the wall and fearing a raid called the police. Assured by the builders on site, the police left them to it and the next day the area was covered by a tent whilst the wall was repaired. What then followed bordered on complete farce (the reporters own words). The owners of the wall were in negotiation with art dealers in the USA intending to have the work sold in a Miami auction but did know how to prepare it for sale and get 1.8tons of London brickwork across the pond safely. At this point it seems it was then loaded onto a lorry, covered in a tarpaulin and until a solution was found, the driver was instructed to keep driving around west and north London in case it got damaged or stolen!

Honestly, I promise I’m not making all this up. Please check for yourself…….

The reporters established that eventually it was left, in extreme secrecy with a team of restorers who are now cutting the brickwork down to a more manageable 3inches thick to prepare it for framing . We can only hope it’s a very strong frame!

It is understood that the restored work will be put on display at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden on June 3rd’and then offered for sale. It is predicted to fetch up to £750,000. (USD $886,000). What Banksy himself thinks of all this is not known. The local people would like to see it back where it belongs but as the legal owners of the wall, Wood Green Investments, point out “We’re business men, so our primary concern is making money”. A spokesman, a Mr Barton who’s company’ Bankrobber’ has a certain reputation in this field, says, and I quote directly from the Sunday Times article, “If Haringey council or the TUC wish to purchase Slave Labour, I’d be delighted to have it delivered to their offices on the following morning”. I’ll bet my best boots he would!

I truly hope that Banksy is not in on all this because whilst his type of art is not to my taste, his sense of humour most certainly is. Perhaps the best way for him to show disapproval, if he does, is to do so in the manner he does best, so that we can all enjoy a gentle chuckle at the greed & hubris of the modern art world.

Banksy. If your reading this my original offer to you to come to Co.Wexford and paint on my neighbours wall still stands . Please come, I’ll introduce you to Mickey Finn if you do………………..