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Ink, an art fair for works on paper, now in it's 7th year was a huge surprise to me.

First of all, although I've been coming to Art Miami Basel for years, I had never heard of it. Second, I too had been listening to all the doom and gloom about prints and works on paper. Well. Somebody clearly forgot to tell the buyers. Everybody had (multiple) red dots posted.

Leslie Sacks Gallery from Los Angeles was also exhibiting at Art Miami and Sandra Chin from the print side told me both locations had been doing well. Stoney Road Press from Dublin was also doing well with a Dorothy Cross "ghost ship", $1500. Last year they brought-and subsequently sold out of- an image by the same artist. While I was standing, looking at it, 2 people came in to talk about ordering this year's print.

Graphicstudio/U.S.F, from Tampa had a number of red dots up for smaller things (despite almost melting away from a previous power outage) and Marlborough, with a small Hockney Pool, priced at $22,000, told me traffic had been slow - but good, with a number of returning buyers.

And here, let me just mention one of the best museum shows that I've seen all year. Dolores An, advisor to museums extraordinaire, insisted that I go to the Museum of Contemporary Art, miles out of my way, for the Bill Viola show. All I can say is that if you like Bill Viola - or even if you don't -go. Just go.