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Directed and produced by Tim Burton, Big Eyes (2014) tells the true story of one of the most epic art frauds in history. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, painter Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz) revolutionized the commercialization of popular art with his enigmatic paintings of waifs with big eyes. Yet, the truth would eventually be discovered: Keane’s works were actually not created by him, but by his wife, Margaret Keane (Amy Adams). Big Eyes (2014) centers on Margaret’s awakening as an artist, the phenomenal success of her paintings, and her tumultuous relationship with her husband, who was catapulted to international fame while taking credit for her work. The feature film has been selected by Zurich collector This Brunner, a curator of Art Basel's Film sectors since 1992. Big Eyes (2014) will be shown at the Colony Theatre, 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach at 8.30pm on Friday, December 5, 2014. Entry is free, but seating is limited. The film will be on general release in the United States from December 25.

Curated around the notion of Playfulness, David Gryn’s fourth selection for Film will feature a wide array of film and video works: from Susan Hiller’s scientific Resounding (Infrared) (2014) to Atsushi Kaga’s dark and quirky 2007 series of hand-drawn animations and Hans Op de Beeck’s sublime Parade (2012). A highlight of the program will pair Charles Atlas’s 1986 film Ex Romance, and a new Miami Beach-specific edit of Parker Ito’s Wipeout XL. Artist Tabor Robak and David Gryn will co-curate a series of films addressing the unearthly reverberations of the Internet, gaming, and digital magical- realism, featuring work by younger artists Jon Rafman and Oliver Laric, alongside a tribute to the late Harun Farocki. The program will also look at dance in film with works by Dara Friedman, Rashaad Newsome and the seminal filmmaker Babette Mangolte.

Every evening from 6pm to the start of the first film screening, sound works by Larry Achiampong, Jennie C. Jones, Stephen Vitiello and Raed Yassin will be presented on the state-of-the arts surround sound system in SoundScape Park.

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Art Basel, whose Lead Partner is UBS, has expanded its commitment to showing diverse film and video works by designing a dedicated film viewing room within the Miami Beach Convention Center’s exhibition halls. An extended selection of over 100 selected works, also curated by Gryn, will be presented for individual, viewer-directed private screening. Access is free with an entry ticket to the show.

On Friday, December 5, at 2pm, Art Basel's Salon program will feature Playfulness: artists as online gamers, surfers and armchair digital revolutionaries, a talk between David Gryn and the artists Tabor Robak and Rachel Rose, moderated by the curator Chrissie Iles. Art Basel entry tickets include admission to Salon.

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