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Jon Huntsman, the one Republican candidate that doesn't seem to worry about cozying up to the Republican right, skipped the debate last night in Nevada, reducing the field to seven. By all accounts, it was an attempted mugging of Mitt Romney who I have heard strapped his dog on the top of his car to go on vacation in Canada.

It seems like ever since the Bush campaign accused John McCain of having a love child of mixed race in South Carolina in 2000, that there are no restrictions on what can and can be said about someone. Never mind the truth. Politics in the late 18th century in England were no less raucous. Scandals erupted regularly and King George III's detractors flocked to the Prince of Wales.

The Prince, possibly one of the most feckless heirs to the throne in British history, and that is saying a great deal, abandoned his allies when he did eventually become King. Further, he tried to divorce his wife in Parliament and lost that battle. He was no politician. You might think the same of the Republican field. Every debate has landmines that you know are bound to sink a candidate's bid if they fall onto them. And, of course, all the candidates are shoving hard to make sure someone makes that faux pas. This is the reality show of party politics and it is not limited to the Republicans as the Democrats are quite capable of similar back stabbing. Personally, I don't think I can vote for a politician that doesn't believe in evolution.

Who cares what their politics are?