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Every since the first automobile has been revealed, it was just a matter of time when the design had to conquare a resistance of air.

Due to slow speed in the early age of automobiles, the shape of a fuselage was not so important.

In front of the very first automobiles was a man walking to warn other (pedestrians and “ horsepower-vehicles”) about approaching danger.After Ford’s V8-engine everything has changed, top speed reached 80 mph.

A design had new challenges, as well an aviation industry later. Although a progress was quite slow, a shape of the race cars still in the 40’s were quite angular.

The status of owning a motor car was so different than nowadays, due the whole number of car and car-owners. They were piece of art. Nearest and dearest, significant other.

We human beings have always been fascinated about machines, maybe through reflections of immortality.  Since the Fifties the shape of cars has been smoothier , all those fabulous highway-ships with huge engines and large fuselages. What do you remember from 1950’s first ? Right, cars. For example, Chevrolet Corvette 1959. Real classic.

Cars are the essential part of culture in various times. Every decade has it’s own heroes.

Unfortunately aerodynamic development has strangled part of the beautiness. Lower resistance of air, lower fuel-costs etc.

Main part of being pretty is to be that differently than others. I don’t want that every beautiful woman looks exactly like Marilyn Monroe or (my favorite, young Liz Taylor).A terrible vision .

I understand clearly the demands of modern car-design. Although this must be temporary. There have to be clearer design-sky ahead and above us.

As its best, the shape of an automobile moves something inside of us. Like finding a long lost friend, a sort of homecoming.

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Rauli Mard

From my professional beginning, year 1988, I have tried to be faithful to my own style whilst explore new paths and directions. If I should mention three guiding stars of my artistic career, they defi...
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