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It’s considered one of most historically and artistically important illustrated books of 17th century Chinese woodblock art: “Ten Bamboo Studio Collection  of Calligraphy and Pictures,” a rare edition of which the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino acquired in 2014.

Published in 1633 by noted artist and printmaker Hu Zhengyan, the prints featured in the book reflect elements typically associated with Chinese gardens: orchids and other flowers, bamboo, fruit, birds and calligraphy.

The Huntington recently announced that the artwork will go on public view for the first time Sept. 17 as part of the exhibition “Gardens, Art and Commerce in Chinese Woodblock Prints.” Forty-eight examples of woodblock prints made from the 16th century to 19th centuries are on loan from the National Library of China in Beijing, the Nanjing Library, the Shanghai Museum and 14 other institutions and private collections.

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