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One word to Frieze, if it's in the USA to act as proxies for a financially bankrupt Democrat party, get a job, don't be played as cats paws for a handout agenda.

If it is in China, or Russia, grow a pair of balls and protest like Tank man or Pussy Riot against tyranny.

The western left is notoriously quiet when Socialist tyrants are confronted by artists and writers whose sole weapons are a pen or a brush.

Many brave people recently demonstrated against Aleksandr Lukashenko in Belarus and almost simultaneously against Putin's puppet Dmitry Medvedev. 

Those are the real heroes, not the crybaby millenial snowflake students at Berkley or Middlebury.

Screen Shot 2017 04 02 at 23.29.44Grow Up

Screen Shot 2017 04 02 at 23.29.53 

 Screen Shot 2017 04 01 at 16.45.37

In Cheboksary during rehearsal the Fiddler was detained. He participated in a rally against corruption.

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