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stolen-lindauer-paintings-pictures-of-suspects-releasedArt Theft

Stolen Lindauer Paintings: Pictures of Suspects...

AAD REPORTS 05/04/2017Images have been released showing the suspects believed to have stolen two iconic Māori paintings in Auckland over the weekend. CCTV footage captured two men, believed to be between their 20s and 30s, wearing bandanas, black gloves and dark...[Read More]
fat-boy-finally-comes-homeArt Theft

Fat Boy Finally Comes Home

AAD REPORTS 01/04/2017Fat boy finally comes home. The F.B.I. works a miracle in recovering a stolen Norman Rockwell painting.   PHILADELPHIA — No matter where the Grant family lived, the Norman Rockwell painting of a chubby boy resting against a tree had always...[Read More]
art-dispute-paints-a-murky-pictureArt Theft

Art Dispute Paints a Murky Picture

AAD REPORTS 23/03/2017Britain’s leading “art detective” has been accused of running mistresses on expenses while court documents have shone a light on an industry where payments have allegedly been made to police officers to “oil the wheels” of...[Read More]
inside-the-mind-of-a-professional-jewelry-thief-a-midtown-jewelry-scoreArt Theft

Inside The Mind Of A Professional Jewelry Thief: A...

Dr Fungi 19/03/2017De les dossiers de criminalité organisée: My forte is stealing jewelry, although I put my fingers in almost every illegal enterprise I came across. You will notice however throughout this book that only a few jewelry scores are mentioned....[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisited-2Art Theft

Six Theories Behind The Stolen Gardner Museum...

AAD REPORTS 19/03/2017   Twenty-seven years after two thieves disguised as police officers talked their way into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, tied up the guards and fled with masterpieces worth an estimated $500 milion, it remains the world’s largest art...[Read More]
3-men-convicted-in-110-million-paris-modern-art-heistArt Theft

3 men convicted in $110 million Paris modern art...

AAD REPORTS 21/02/2017Sleazy Euros found guilty of being thieving Euros. PARIS (AP) — An agile thief nicknamed "Spiderman," an antiques dealer and an art expert were sentenced to prison Monday and ordered to pay Paris for stealing five masterpieces from the city's...[Read More]
stolen-charles-darwin-letter-recoveredArt Theft

F.B.I. Returns Stolen Charles Darwin Letter To...

AAD REPORTS 19/02/2017The letter, penned by the renowned naturalist and geologist in 1875, was stolen from the Smithsonian more than three decades ago. It was recently recovered by the FBI following a public tip regarding the letter’s whereabouts. Assistant Director in...[Read More]
london-church-to-be-reunited-with-stolen-16th-century-carvingArt Theft

London church to be reunited with stolen 16th-century...

AAD REPORTS 22/12/2016A historic church in the City of London is to be reunited with a magnificent 16th-century carving that was stolen from it decades ago. St Katharine Cree church in Leadenhall Street is a survivor of both the Great Fire of 1666 and the second world war...[Read More]
the-brigham-young-masterlist-of-stolen-art-worksArt Theft

The Brigham Young Masterlist Of Stolen Art Works.

Robert Alexander Boyle 15/12/2016A masterlist of the works stolen from Brigham Young University was published in the late 1980's, but this recently has been digitized, a result of hopes buoyed by the return of the J. Alden Weir still life painting, once in the hands of the Thyssen...[Read More]
otto-krebs-collection-4Art Theft

Die Otto-Krebs-Sammlung: Kriegsbeute oder...

AAD REPORTS 17/10/2016Das warme Wetter des Frühlings 1945 bescherte den alliierten Armeen bessere Bedingungen im Wettlauf zur letzten Schanze des Nazireichs. Der tollwütige Wolf Nazideutschlands würde endlich den Gnadenstoß erhalten, die Frage war nur,...[Read More]
dutch-city-celebrates-as-stolen-masterpieces-return-homeArt Theft

Dutch City Celebrates as Stolen Masterpieces Return...

AAD REPORTS 08/10/2016Stolen masterpieces   On the night of January 9 2005, 24 paintings and 70 pieces of silverware, the heart of the 17th and 18th century collection, were stolen from the Westfries Museum during a burglary. For years the city of Hoorn had been hoping...[Read More]
longtime-suspect-in-gardner-art-theft-had-his-sentence-reduced-records-showArt Theft

Suspect in Gardner Art Theft had his Sentence Reduced,...

AAD REPORTS 01/10/2016The government secretly reduced the prison term of a longtime suspect in the 1990 robbery of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum several years ago, raising questions about whether he agreed to help authorities recover the $500 million worth of stolen...[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisitedArt Theft

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Lost Paintings...

Robert Alexander Boyle 19/09/2016Forgotten in the hubub of the Gardner Heist, is what these paintings actallly look like. Decades later we appear no closer to the recovery of these lost masterpieces, and before amnesia sets in (omerta achieved) and we truly forget what was taken, aside...[Read More]
who-s-afraid-of-julian-radcliffeArt Theft

Who’s Afraid of Julian Radcliffe?

Alessandra Massameno 17/09/2016A word to the wise: You should be afraid of Julian Radcliffe; if not by name, then by title of his organization, the Art Loss Register. The concept is innocent enough, if not noble—ALR is a database of lost and stolen artifacts whose purpose is to...[Read More]
bobby-deluca-goes-canary-on-cadillac-frank-salemme-for-old-boston-rub-out-will-some-ever-sing-on-gardner-heistArt Theft

Bobby DeLuca goes Canary on "Cadillac Frank"...

AAD REPORTS 10/09/2016Former New England Mafia boss Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme was placed in the federal witness protection program a decade ago after testifying against a corrupt ex-FBI agent, but refused to give up information about a half-dozen murders in...[Read More]
breaking-news-former-mafia-boss-cadillac-frank-held-without-bailArt Theft

BREAKING NEWS: Former Mafia boss ‘Cadillac Frank’ held...

AAD REPORTS 13/08/2016   He left his life as a Mafia don decades ago, disappeared into the federal witness protection program, and was living quietly in Atlanta as Richard Parker, an unassuming octogenarian who loved to read and exercise. But Francis “Cadillac...[Read More]
the-rabbi-jewelry-score-inside-the-mind-of-a-professional-jewelry-thiefArt Theft

The Rabbi Jewelry Score: Inside The Mind Of A...

Dr Fungi 08/05/2016De les dossiers de criminalité organisée: Most of the jewelers in the Diamond Center (47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue) are all Hasidic Jews, or Hasidem. I personally respect all religions; however, although I deeply respect...[Read More]
while-we-wait-for-the-picasso-yet-to-be-revealed-funny-money-remains-in-the-spotlightArt Theft

While we wait for the Picasso yet to be revealed,...

AAD REPORTS 22/02/2016It’s safe to say that there are going to be further arrests at the forthcoming conference at FIFA this week, since at every other meeting they’ve had, the F.B.I. showed up as uninvited guests. In the meantime, a reminder of a previous...[Read More]
stolen-maufra-painting-recovered-in-connecticutArt Theft

Stolen Maufra Painting Recovered in Connecticut

AAD REPORTS 31/12/2015In the summer of 2015, Le Sacré Coeur au Printemps by Maxime Emile Louis Maufra was stolen from a home in Salisbury, Connecticut. Within months, the painting was discovered being offered for sale at Fairfield Auction, just 65 miles away. Whilst...[Read More]
silver-chalice-with-rosesArt Theft

Silver Chalice With Roses

Arnold Lemmon 08/10/2015Silver Chalice With Roses, Julian Alden Weir When American Impressionist, J. Alden Weir first met Anna Dewight Baker, he noticed her fondness for flowers, and while courting her sent her daily a fresh bunch of violets. The artist would associate Anna...[Read More]
a-stasi-legacy-or-ghosts-of-christmas-pastArt Theft

A STASI Legacy or Ghosts of Christie's Past

AAD REPORTS 02/10/2015 A Long Forgotten Sale Becomes News Again Allegations Made of Stasi Consignments  Why Did Davidge Walk Scott Free into Retirement? 3B. The Extra National Origin Doo Hickey (*) Identifies Certain Lots Not From The...[Read More]
new-york-times-stasi-article-re-visitedArt Theft

New York Times Stasi Article Re-Visited

Tom Mashberg 01/10/2015In his fine piece from Jan. 17 (click here to read), our colleague Alex Boyle introduces AAD readers to one of the least known but most prolific art plunderers of the 20th century: Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski, a one-time colonel in East Germany’s...[Read More]
origin-of-the-stasi-s-off-the-books-op-art-to-finance-espionageArt Theft

Origin Of The Stasi's "Off The Books" Op,...

Robert Alexander Boyle 30/09/2015Berlin, April 22, 1956 in a previously unknown tunnel a few feet under Checkpoint Charlie, machine gun fire erupted as Soviet and East German soldiers ambushed Americans in a secret passageway built by the CIA. The border between the hostile powers at...[Read More]
otto-krebs-collectionArt Theft

Otto Krebs Collection: Spoils of War or Plunder in...

AAD REPORTS 20/09/2015Spring 1945 brought warm weather to the allied armies providing surer traction in the foot race to the last redoubt of the Nazi Reich. The rabid wolf of the Nazis was about to get put down, the question was, by who? To the east lay the massive Soviet...[Read More]
curious-case-of-spanish-gold-and-how-it-presaged-russian-looting-after-world-war-twoArt Theft

Curious Case of Spanish Gold & How It Presaged...

AAD REPORTS 22/08/2015 Spanish Civil War 1936-1938, most know of the battle between the socialist Republic and the nationalists under General Francisco Franco. A violent prequel to World War Two it saw future adversaries of communism and fascism meet on the battlefield with...[Read More]
stasi-warehouse-of-muhlenbeckArt Theft

Supermarket of Swag Revealed at Last: The Stasi...

AAD REPORTS 15/08/2015Readers of AAD know of our research into the story of the Stasi, a rapacious secret police of the defunct East German regime whose manipulation of the art trade at the expense of its law abiding citizens was used to further the dark aims of a darker...[Read More]
stasi-warehouse-of-muhlenbeck-3Art Theft

Supermarket of Swag Revealed at Last: The Stasi...

Elliot Lee 15/08/2015Readers of AAD know of our research into the story of the Stasi, a rapacious secret police of the defunct East German regime whose manipulation of the art trade at the expense of its law abiding citizens was used to further the dark aims of a darker...[Read More]
stasi-warehouse-of-muhlenbeck-4Art Theft

Supermarket of Swag Revealed at Last: The Stasi...

Robert Alexander Boyle 15/08/2015Readers of AAD know of our research into the story of the Stasi, a rapacious secret police of the defunct East German regime whose manipulation of the art trade at the expense of its law abiding citizens was used to further the dark aims of a darker...[Read More]
there-s-no-crime-in-switzerland-that-s-what-your-toldArt Theft

There’s no crime in Switzerland? That’s what you are...

Elliot Lee 26/06/2015Morgenstimmung am Rhein in Basel - Image courtesy Basel Tourismus For the first time, we visited BASEL this year for the Art Fairs, and no doubt about it, Art | Basel has to be one of, if not, the best Art Fair we’ve ever experienced. Every detail...[Read More]

Hatton Garden Heist :: Update

AAD REPORTS 14/04/2015Image Courtesy :: The Metropolitan Police   Officers investigating the theft of items from a number of safety deposit boxes at a business in Hatton Garden have released CCTV stills from the robbery to trace the suspects involved. Detective Chief...[Read More]
london-s-great-easter-jewelry-heistArt Theft

London's Great Easter Jewelry Heist

Elliot Lee 12/04/2015Bang! smash, the clatter of alarms, hundreds of police descend on Hatton Garden, within 5 minutes of the alarm being tripped…Well, that was what should have happened. Instead, we get a single copper looking through a window, and deciding not to...[Read More]
who-did-the-gardiner-heist-did-the-canary-finally-singArt Theft

Who Did The Gardner Heist & Did The Canary Finally...

Robert Alexander Boyle 22/03/2015Police Sketches of Gardner Heist Robbers In 1998 a number of people were arrested for conspiring to rob on an armored vehicle in the suburbs of Boston. In 2002 a judge hammered each of the defendants with 40 years behind bars for a job they never got a...[Read More]

Hathaway Heist :: Update

Elliot Lee 18/11/2014Time to fact check the Hathaway Heist Part Two (click here to read). So, I called the Chairman at Freeman's Auctioneers. I spoke with Samuel 'Beau' Freeman the 2nd. I asked him if he'd managed to find the time to read the Hathaway Heist Part Two, and if...[Read More]
stasi-warehouse-of-muhlenbeck-2Art Theft

Geheime Verschlußsache : Secret & Confidential...

AAD REPORTS 15/08/2014Readers of AAD know of our research into the story of the Stasi, a rapacious secret police of the defunct East German regime whose manipulation of the art trade at the expense of its law abiding citizens was used to further the dark aims of a darker...[Read More]

Gardner Heist Perps, Unmasked At Last?

Robert Alexander Boyle 13/08/2014FBI SKETCHES OF THE ART THIEVES IN BOSTON, MARCH 1990 March 18, 1990 saw the biggest museum heist take place in American history as the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston was robbed by thieves dressed up as cops. Since that time numerous stories...[Read More]
news-rosales-pleads-guilty-in-knoedler-forgery-caseArt Theft

News: Rosales Pleads Guilty In Knoedler Forgery...

Elliot Lee 17/09/2013ROSALES, 57, of Sands Point, New York, pled guilty to nine counts, including: one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, one count of wire fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, and one count of money laundering, each of which...[Read More]
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